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Our mission is to connect people from across the globe by bringing together all the timely, relevant stories in one reliable, trusted news platform.

What We Do

Whether it is about politics, fashion or pop culture, we speak the truth as it is presented to us—nothing less, nothing more.

Our Goal

We strive to be your default news source, the platform you visit as you sip your coffee in the morning and while you take a break from the daily hustle.

Our ServicesUpdate News is more than a news platform—we deliver the truth straight to your inbox daily, so you’re properly informed on what’s going on in Australia and the world. Apart from breaking relevant news, we also encourage our readers to share their stories to inform, entertain or inspire others. Our editorial team also takes on national interest topics and puts them on the hot seat to present matters to you in a different perspective.

Where Truth Prevails

In this day and age where deciphering which stories are true and which are not, it is crucial to find a news source that you can trust. Our editorial team takes the necessary measures to analyse and verify if the information we receive is nothing but the truth.

On the Hot Seat

Since we’re bombarded with new stories from all over the world every minute, we like to put extra spotlight on matters that need to be discussed more. Whether it is about investment or entertainment, you’d see them on our On the Hot Seat section.

Share Your Story

Let your stories be known and your voice be heard. We encourage everyone—both our local and global audience—to contribute their stories and voice out their opinion on things that matter. Become a citizen journalist. Email our editorial team today.

Send Feedback and Enquiries

We value our readers and welcome the opportunity to hear what you have to say. If you wish to provide general feedback or send an enquiry, feel free to contact our editorial team.